Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Recipe of No- Bake Cheese Cake

Hello,i hope you will enjoy with my new post... today i would like to share some recipe about cakes..but the most i ♥ is....... Cheese cake ! ..sorry,,,i cant speak english well..so i must use my language(bahasa melayu),,hehe !

Ingredient: All type of cookies(12pcs),500g cream cheese,250g sour cream/whipped cream/creme fraich/fromage blanc,75g of butter,2tsp of sugar/powdered sugar,1tsp vanilla extract,1tsp of lemon juice

Cheese Cake Crust : -crash the cookies by using plastic bag and crash it
                                -mix well the melted butter into the crashed cookies
                                -use the pastry tin(well greased) and pour it into the pastry tin
                                - use spoon to make the mixture compressed into the tin base
                                -cover the crust by using wrapping plastic ang keep in your fridge

Cheese Cream : - put the cream cheese in a large bowl
                         - add sour cream,sugar,vanilla extract and lemon juice into the same bowl..
                         - stir it well
                         - put the cream cheese into the pastry tin that covered with cookie crust..
                         - put into the refrigerator and decorate the topping with any type of berries that you like... enjoy it !

Wednesday, 8 June 2011


Pink : Love , Beautiful , Charming , Pretty

Girls,always love pink,just like me..

But it doesnt mean we are not beautiful or charming right?
People has they're own personality..so,we cant match them
by horoscope..its totally FAKE ..
People that hates pink always said that pink is the symbol
of weakness..

p/s: Does pink make you down?
or other colours give them power or something?

People who love pink is a good person
Because they dont make any troublesome..
Pink can release stress and its cool..

Boys,also love to wear a pink shirt..
but it doesnt mean they're gay or something..
In our country(Malaysia) they always called them 'Jambu'(weak)
Haha..thats funny to me ..
by the way ,actually they are not kind of 'Jambu' ..
but they're a loving,caring and not bad..

So, don't hate PINK !

SEE ! This kitty also loves pink ..