Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Recipe of No- Bake Cheese Cake

Hello,i hope you will enjoy with my new post... today i would like to share some recipe about cakes..but the most i ♥ is....... Cheese cake ! ..sorry,,,i cant speak english well..so i must use my language(bahasa melayu),,hehe !

Ingredient: All type of cookies(12pcs),500g cream cheese,250g sour cream/whipped cream/creme fraich/fromage blanc,75g of butter,2tsp of sugar/powdered sugar,1tsp vanilla extract,1tsp of lemon juice

Cheese Cake Crust : -crash the cookies by using plastic bag and crash it
                                -mix well the melted butter into the crashed cookies
                                -use the pastry tin(well greased) and pour it into the pastry tin
                                - use spoon to make the mixture compressed into the tin base
                                -cover the crust by using wrapping plastic ang keep in your fridge

Cheese Cream : - put the cream cheese in a large bowl
                         - add sour cream,sugar,vanilla extract and lemon juice into the same bowl..
                         - stir it well
                         - put the cream cheese into the pastry tin that covered with cookie crust..
                         - put into the refrigerator and decorate the topping with any type of berries that you like... enjoy it !

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